Natasha Kestal is the main protagonist in the upcoming novel Frozen, the first installment of the Heart of Dread series.

What we know about her for the moment :

  • Sixteen years old.
  • Lives in New Vegas .
  • Dealer at the Loss.
  • During a bombing in the Casino she works in, something in her changes...
    • She hears a voice in her head.
  • She decides to hire Ryan Wesson and his team of mercenaries to cross the ocean to reach the Blue, an unspoiled and paradise-like land.
  • Her real name is Anastasia Dekesthalias and she is a Drakonrydder


Nastasha's parents were apparently in the army and left her because they thought it would be better to leave their child instead of bringing her out into such a cruel war. Later Natasha was adopted by Mrs. Allen and at the age of six Mrs Allen decides to smuggle herself and Natasha out of New Vegas instead of letting her stay in such a horrid place. They are caught while trying to pass the checkpoint because of some mix ups and mistakes.